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Terms of use

Copyright 2015-2016 by Milena Damjanovic/Mee.D.scraps
All Rights Reserved

Thank you for your interest in Mee.D.scraps!

These files were created by Mee.D.scraps, by using them you are agreeing to the terms of use below, so please read them carefully.

The Terms of Use for my graphics/products are as follows:

personal use/scrap for hire/scrap for others

You may:
--- Use these graphics/products for personal use. Please give credit when you submit to online galleries, magazines or any
    other publications printed or online with credit given to Mee.D.scraps
--- you may  use these graphics/products in your Scrap For Hire/Scrap For Others (S4H/S4O) small
    business projects-ONLY if specified on preview image or description. They must be part of your craft project and  given in a flattened (.jpg) version or printed out.(Not valid for PLANNER STICKERS!!!)
--- Alter these graphics/products to fit your personal style and scrapbooking needs.

You may not:

--- Claim these graphics/products as your own or alter these in any way and claim them as your own.
--- Alter these graphics/products in any way to create any item that you re-disctribute or resale.
--- Repackage, resell, or redistribute for sale or free these graphics/products in any way.
--- Share these graphics/products as a download in any forum or group, email or through any third party file sharing site.Please share a link instead!
--- Use these products in any obscene, pornographic, defamatory, illegal, immoral or racial material.

I have used CU items from the following designers, their work may or may not have been used in this product: Pixel Scrapper,
Kevin & Amanda Fonts, ,CUDigitals.

Mee.D.scraps is NOT responsible to any person, organization or business for any loss and/or damages incurred from the download or use of these graphics/products.
 Contact me on: milena.damjanovic85@gmail.com

Thank you!!! :D

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