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Free planner stickers- 4th of July theme

Hello dear friends! I just want to say how I'm grateful to be a part of planner community :) Really all of you ladies are so sweet and kind !
I wish I had time to finish this kit earlier but you still have time to use it :)

This printable sheets are us letter size 8.5x11in /horizontal lay out,so have that on mind when printing,also you should leave it at actual size 100% .

Tutorial about placing cut lines in Silhouette  is in my previous post - you just need to open the dxf file in another window select all and copy and paste on to stickers :)  You should be aware that cut lines are ungrouped so I suggest grouping them to prevent miss cuts  :)  Use 'center TO PAGE'' to align stickers and cut lines and then you can group them to, in order to fit/move them between cut borders if necessary...It sounds harder than it actually is ! :) I also set reg.marks to be ticker because sometimes machine have trouble reading it and do not cut it properly even when everything looks lined up on the screen ...
I really hope that I helped a little :)

Download your files by clicking on image

Thank you for visiting ! 

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