четвртак, 30. јун 2016.

Free planner stickers- 4th of July theme

Hello dear friends! I just want to say how I'm grateful to be a part of planner community :) Really all of you ladies are so sweet and kind !
I wish I had time to finish this kit earlier but you still have time to use it :)

This printable sheets are us letter size 8.5x11in /horizontal lay out,so have that on mind when printing,also you should leave it at actual size 100% .

Tutorial about placing cut lines in Silhouette  is in my previous post - you just need to open the dxf file in another window select all and copy and paste on to stickers :)  You should be aware that cut lines are ungrouped so I suggest grouping them to prevent miss cuts  :)  Use 'center TO PAGE'' to align stickers and cut lines and then you can group them to, in order to fit/move them between cut borders if necessary...It sounds harder than it actually is ! :) I also set reg.marks to be ticker because sometimes machine have trouble reading it and do not cut it properly even when everything looks lined up on the screen ...
I really hope that I helped a little :)

Download your files by clicking on image

Thank you for visiting ! 

среда, 2. март 2016.

Silhouette tutorial-How to use .DXF file with cut lines and free planner stickers

Hello!!!  Long time no see :)  Here's a quick tutorial on how to use JPG and  .dxf file which will be included with new stickers in my shop! :) That DXF file contain only cut lines that can be placed on top of the printable design so you do not have to trace it yourself !

Right click on image -open link in new tab for larger preview! :)

Few more tips:
 1) If you upload png. or jpg. image in to your silhouette library they will appear small when you drag them to your canvas!That's the case with raster images.....To  avoid that just open png. and jpeg. (raster) images directly from your computer- from your downloads folder or wherever you saved it.
2.) DXF upload smaller no matter from where it's uploaded?That's because your machine is set that way by default !  To change that find that small button in the right bottom corner(preferences) of your screen and tell your machine that you want dxf. files to upload AS IS in this case!

3) Everything seams lined up on the screen but machine did not cut it precisely ? There is few reasons for that  as far as I know :) ...To prevent that you should  
a) make your reg.marks ticker 
b) use washi tape to stick paper on to cutting mat if is not sticky enough  
c) be sure that is printed correctly.

And here are some free planner stickers with cut lines .dxf file if you want to try it!!! 

 Click on image to download!  

Sorry on my English.Hope this tutorial helped you...:)  Enjoy!

четвртак, 19. новембар 2015.

Digi Hop color challenge September/November freebie

       Hello everyone! :D

 Here's my contribution to Digi Hop color challenge/November 2015.
Download it HERE
Visit Digi Hop to collect more beautiful freebies!

Freebie from the previous challenge now you can download HERE

Thank you!  Enjoy  :D 

петак, 2. октобар 2015.

четвртак, 17. септембар 2015.

Digiscrap kit Fall memories and DIGI HOP freebie!

Hello people!It was a long time no see, but  I'm here now with new kit and FREEBIE!  :)  I did not have time to participate in Etsy DD team color challenge this month and I was working non stop to finish this Autumn kit on time to post freebie for DIGI HOP...  :)  Hope you like it! :D  

Here it is

And papers

Find it in my Etsy Shop! :)  

And here's the FREEBIE preview-download link is on my FB page!:)

More beautiful kits find at DIGI HOP page!!!  :) 

Freebie from the last month download HERE

Thank you for visiting! :D  Enjoy!

понедељак, 17. август 2015.

Digi Hop freebie august

Here's a new freebie from me,it's on my FB page this month!!! :)   Find more freebies at DIGI HOP ...

Freebie from previous month download HERE

Hope you like it! Enjoy!  :)  :)  :)

субота, 1. август 2015.

Free mini scrapbook kit and new section in my store-PLANNER STICKERS! :D

Hello!  Here's new freebie for Etsy DD Team monthly color challenge! Hope you like it!

                                                  Download it HERE

Freebie from last month now you can download HERE

петак, 24. јул 2015.

Sweet as a CUPCAKE digiscrap kit and cute free printable

 Hello :D !!! I have new mini kit in my store!  jeee :)  My attention was to make a baby girl kit but when I draw that cupcake I fell in love with it and I have  made cute mini kit just for it! :D I did not put any texture to papers or clipart so you could make card,invitations or so and add your own texture if you want .... :D

Here's preview

And you can download this cute printable (A4/jpeg) HERE

Hope you like it! Enjoy! :D

среда, 15. јул 2015.

Digi Hop blog train/color challenge July---- Genuine

Hello  !!! Here's another freebie made for digi -hop.You can find it under freebie tab on my FB page as usually :) . I really like the colors for this month! I played with brushes in photoshop and I really liked how everything turned out and I hope you like it to!:)
Visit DigiHop page and find more!

And freebie from last month challenge download HERE

недеља, 12. јул 2015.

Digital scrapbook kit BLUE SEA and freebie!

Hello !  :D   I have new kit in my store and cute freebie that goes with it...:)

Here is a preview

and i made add on papers 

And freebie  :D  :D  :D   hope you like it!

уторак, 7. јул 2015.

Free digital scrapbook kit-Etsy DD team color challenge -July

Hello!  Here is second freebie this month! :D Hope you like it! It's on my FACEBOOK page-GIFT TAB


And freebie from the last month  now you can download HERE

Enjoy! :D

уторак, 30. јун 2015.

Digital scrapbook kit SUMMER FUN and freebie!

Hello digiscrappers! :I know i said that there will be two freebies every month but this month is different... :D This month I have one more! :)
This is a new kit in my Etsy store - SUMMER FUN and i have free add on!
This kit is cool for "pool party" pages and I'm working on another kit that will be more romantic -beach theme...:D
So here's some previews...

And here is free add on mini digital scrapbook kit

Enjoy!  :D

уторак, 23. јун 2015.

недеља, 14. јун 2015.

Digi Hop June freebie, "Take care of the Earth"

Hello,hello!  :)  How are you? :) I hope that this little free scrapbook kit will put smile on your face!Visit my FB page to download!And there is more freebies on www.digihop.info 

Enjoy! :)

четвртак, 4. јун 2015.

Shop opening and freebies!

Good morning! It's a beautiful day,sun is shining , birds are singing and my shop is OPEN!!!  jeeeee  :D  Wish me luck and many sales! :D
 Here is what I have there for now and I promise there will be more.Hope you will look thru My Etsy shop and download some coordinating freebies that I have for you here!!!  


This is my newest kit that matches Etsy DD team June challenge colors...You can mix it with freebie from last month,because I was using that colors to! :)

Take a better look ....

And here is mini ADD ON freebie... :D It's on my Facebook page-Gift tab!  If you like it-let me know!:)

Visit Etsy-digital-designers page  and find more freebies!

And if you missed freebie from the last month ...

                DOWNLOAD HERE


And here is something different...If you like vintage then you will like these two mini kits...I am planing to make a blue one to...

I really love this imitation of soap label that I made...Take a closer look of what you will get in this kit...


And freebie add on... :)

                              DOWNLOAD HERE

Here is similar mini kit with red rose ...you could mix it with yellow one...

And freebie ...:)

                        DOWNLOAD HERE

And check this elegant papers...I have some old photos of me from times when I could fit in my little black dress...:) and I made this papers to scrap those photos... :D   

And Red papers if you have a little red dress! :)  (I don't have-mine dress is big!)  :D

Here is coordinating freebie ADD ON... :)

                              DOWNLOAD HERE


This kit is great for scraping boys photos or bed time routine pics...
For your little star!  :)


And here is what you will get:

Some of these colors are from Digi Hop challenge and you could mix this kit with freebie that I posted there...But if you missed  that - download it here


And one more freebie----> QP  - .png file , shadows included!



Did you fell in love this spring? I did! With my husband !again!... Scrap it!
This kit is great for scraping baby girl photos to! :)

And this is what you will get in this kit:


Well that's it for now!  Hope you will find something that you like!

Come visit mee again to see what's new! Grab my button if you like! :)

I would LOVE to see your layouts ! You could use Facebook hashtag #MeeDigiScrap  !!!   THANK YOU!  :D

p.s.  Sorry on my English!  :)