среда, 02. март 2016.

Silhouette tutorial-How to use .DXF file with cut lines and free planner stickers

Hello!!!  Long time no see :)  Here's a quick tutorial on how to use JPG and  .dxf file which will be included with new stickers in my shop! :) That DXF file contain only cut lines that can be placed on top of the printable design so you do not have to trace it yourself !

Right click on image -open link in new tab for larger preview! :)

Few more tips:
 1) If you upload png. or jpg. image in to your silhouette library they will appear small when you drag them to your canvas!That's the case with raster images.....To  avoid that just open png. and jpeg. (raster) images directly from your computer- from your downloads folder or wherever you saved it.
2.) DXF upload smaller no matter from where it's uploaded?That's because your machine is set that way by default !  To change that find that small button in the right bottom corner(preferences) of your screen and tell your machine that you want dxf. files to upload AS IS in this case!

3) Everything seams lined up on the screen but machine did not cut it precisely ? There is few reasons for that  as far as I know :) ...To prevent that you should  
a) make your reg.marks ticker 
b) use washi tape to stick paper on to cutting mat if is not sticky enough  
c) be sure that is printed correctly.

And here are some free planner stickers with cut lines .dxf file if you want to try it!!! 

 Click on image to download!  

Sorry on my English.Hope this tutorial helped you...:)  Enjoy!